I AM + LIMITLESS Coaches is a character building & learning experience organization which focuses on helping Filipinos become financially free through Wealth coaching. Developing as well Wealth coaches through personal growth, health and fitness, spirituality, productivity & mindfulness.





Known as DJ Jon born in America raised in the Philippines. Jon started his career by owning clubs and playing as a DJ. Got tired and exhausted, he then realized that there is more to life than just partying every night. A true example of patience, dedication and smart work Jon coached and mentored himself by listening to people he knows that are better than him, not measured by their Wealth but by their happiness and fulfilment. He founded Limitless Living a coaching company about entrepreneurship.

– Million Dollar Round Table Member/Qualifier 2016-2017
(First-time MDRT in his 1st year in the financial services industry)
– FWD Financial Wealth Officer of the Year 2017
– FWD FWO Elite Gold Leader Qualifier (Officer Category) 2016- 2017
– Salientes-Gonzalez Associates Top Recruiter 2016-2017



I AM means it’s personal – it calls us to look at where we must begin, i.e. “I make things happen for me”. The solutions one is looking for begins with the “I”, which is the creator of their reality.

“AM” means the present – it calls us to ask the question: “What am I practicing now that creates my reality?” Answering this question is the key to unlocking our role and responsibility for making changes in our lives.



The plus sign represents our belief in adding value. We believe that to add value in other people’s lives, we must first begin adding value to our own.

The moment we have grown and transformed ourselves, we can add more value to others.

If we do not increase our own worth, how can we have enough to help others? We need to fill our cup in order to flow into service.



Limitless means – endless possibilities. In our company everyone is free to express their ideas which they can be anything they want with no limits or borders.


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