How The Rich Get Richer

How The Rich Get Richer

We all have heard about lottery winners in the TV who was poor and went to be an instant millionaire overnight all from a small bet of numbers that will pop up in the TV with a one in a million chance to a rich life experiencing first class service, luxury cars, lots and lots of new friends and houses then going back to where they were before betting in the lottery.

We’ve all heard that story: A person with a meager income, dreaming of being an overnight millionaire after winning the lottery. We all want to be that lucky person who seemed to have entered a mystery door and came out with enough money to buy all the luxury cars, friends, and houses his or her heart desires.

BUT WE ARE NOT. Truth be told, life is not about how big your salary and bank account is; it is about how well you maintain and grow it. Most people rely on one source of income: ACTIVE INCOME, which the most basic example is your job.

To explain this in very simple terms: if you clock in, you get paid, if you don’t, you get nothing. Do you believe in this statement?: “The higher the income, the higher the expenses incurred.” Let’s put that in perspective: Remember as a child when you get money from your family during Christmas in your socks hanging on the stairs? What did you do with the money?

Most people spend, some save while very few invest it. This is why the rich stay rich or get richer: because they invest instead of spend their income. One can even assume that they can stop working and continue surviving because they do not have zero net worth— because they saved and invested their money properly.

Sort of makes you think twice about what you’ll do with your future lotto winnings now?

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